The Swedish Veterinary Association

(Sveriges Veterinärförbund - SVF)

The Swedish Veterinary Association (SVF) is a member of the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (SACO). Of the 26 member associations within SACO SVF is the oldest. It was founded in 1860 and has today approximately 2900 veterinarians and veterinary students as members.


The objectives of The Swedish Veterinary Association are to promote the development of veterinary science and to safeguard the social and economic interests of the members.

In 1982 the Swedish Society of Veterinary Medicine (Sveriges Veterinärmedicinska Sällskap - SVS) was founded within the Association. The specific purpose of this society is to handle questions concerning the development of veterinary medicine, for example by initiating investigations into areas where such interests are at risk. SVS also actively plan, arrange and administer continuing education such as courses and specialisation programmes for veterinarians.

The executive board of the Swedish Veterinary Association

In 2018, the following people make the executive board of the association:

Katja Puustinen (President), Erik Gammelgård (First Vice President), Torkel Ekman (Second Vice president), Ida Brandt, Eleonor Fredler, Ninnie Löfqvist, Christina Svedberg.


Guidelines for the clinical use of antibiotics in the treatment of dogs and cats

Guidelines for antibiotic use in the treatment of dogs and cats were compiled on commission from the Board of the Swedish Veterinary Society. The General Assembly of the Swedish Veterinary Association then adopted these as their policy in October 2002, with a revision in 2009.

The intention is that this policy should be used as a guide when choosing management and treatment of dogs and cats This can sometimes mean either to refrain from treatment altogether or alternatively to choose a treatment that does not include antibiotics. The main aim is that the chosen treatments are as effective as possible and that any undesirable side effects are kept to a minimum.

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